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Ideation & Discovery

Have a great idea? Let our team interact with your customers to validate it and make changes early on to maximize chances of success

UX/UI Design

Want a product that looks great, boosts user engagement and ensures conversion? Our design team can do exactly that for you

MVP Creation

Make quicker and meaningful decisions about your product; our team can set up a minimum viable product to gather meaningful insights and set your product in the right direction

Software Development

Work with our development team to build products that are easy-to-use, secure, scalable and available anywhere

Quality Assurance

Test and validate your product from all perspectives, to create a secure and bug-free product with no margin for error


Work with our DevOps team to mitigate risk and increase efficiency by automating your software delivery pipeline

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All in one hiring software that enables recruiters to attract quality applicants and evaluate them collaboratively, so they can find the right fits for their teams.
Web application development
Product Design

Oxleas Handbook

Oxleas NHS Handbook is a mobile-app that quickly onboards trainee doctors by allowing them to quickly and easily navigate through all hospital SOPs, forms, documents and much more.
Mobile app development
UI/UX Design
Cloud architecture


SurgiList is a patient list management system for surgeons on duty. It allows them to keep track of patients, with all the information they need, both digitally and on paper.
Web application development
UI/UX Design

Arisbe LMS

A web-based LMS that allows Arisbe education foundation’s instructors and administration team to organize, coordinate and manage their educational events and student records.
Web application development
UI/UX Design


For small to mid-sized private clinics, OliveClinic is a web-based clinic management solution that allows them to digitally increase productivity and quality of healthcare experience.
User Research
Business Analysis
Market Research

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“The team was highly respectful of the client's wishes. The attention to detail, down to the pixel was reassuring, and we really felt that our project was in safe hands. ”
Joe Hogan
Co-founder, Code Med, UK
“I found the Carte Blanche team to be engaging, helpful, insightful, dynamic, and would definitely work with them again and would wholeheartedly recommend them to others.”
Imran Qureshi
Associate Medical Director, NHS, UK
“The platform has a lot of features and is very easy to use, but the amazing part is that they keep adding new ones as well based on the comments and requirements of their prospects.”
Hammam Samara
Lead Software Engineer, Userpilot

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