case study

Nowii's Odyssey The Non-Tech Founder's Journey

Rewards, Eco-friendly public transport
UX/UI design, Mobile App development
problem statement
Encourage eco-friendly decisions by providing attractive rewards for those committed to sustainability.
We needed to create a software that becomes a beacon for sustainability that not only advocates for eco-friendly lifestyles but also actively celebrates and incentivises individuals and organisations that commit to environmental stewardship.
The client
Ismaeel: The Non-Tech Founder
His vision
"Nowii" – a pioneering startup in the sustainability realm. Nowii's vission isn't just about promoting sustainable living; it's about celebrating and rewarding those who choose the path of environmental mindfulness.
His Blueprint for Change
  • Platform: MVP for Android & iOS - maximum reach.
  • Alliances: Key partnerships in transportation for impactful collaboration.
  • Protection: Patent the innovative business process.
  • Capital: Secure seed funding to fuel growth.
  • Financial Growth: Set sights on raising seed funding, not just as capital, but as a testament to the viability and potential of the vision.
Ismaeel’s Journey
how it started
The Breakthroughs
Crystalized Vision
Business Objectives Defined
Target Market Research
Seed Funding Strategy
Branding & Identity
The pivotal challenge
Finding the Right Team
  • Who would bridge this divide?
  • Who could echo his fervor in tech's tongue?
  • Would they grasp the weight, the urgency, the soul?
Ismaeel’s choice
The Freelancer Way
Yet, in his quest, Ismael chose the path less traveled by startups - the world of freelancers.
Implementation Challenges
  • Difficulty in hiring and managing a dedicated tech team.
  • Communication barriers with technical experts.
  • Relying on freelancers leading to inconsistency.
  • Prevailing mismanagement issues.
Ismaeel’s choice
The Steep Descent
As days morphed into weeks and weeks into months, the strain began to show, not just on Ismael's vision but on tangible, unforgiving realities:
  • Draining Resources: Every day, the bank balance waned, a stark reminder of the costs of missteps in uncharted territories.
  • Ticking Clock: Deadlines whizzed by, each missed date a blow to the timeline he had so optimistically charted.
  • The Abyss of Miscommunication: Communication breakdowns became the norm, with his eco-passion and the tech jargon often at loggerheads.
  • The Mental Maelstrom: The weight of mounting challenges took its toll. Anxiety's shadows grew longer, casting doubts even on his unyielding spirit.
  • Whispers of Doubt: Late nights saw him questioning, re-evaluating every choice, every path taken.
The result?
A Darkened Dream
The culmination of his trials and tribulations stood starkly before him, a cruel reflection of his journey's pitfalls:
  • Distorted Reflection: What was once a lucid, vibrant vision, now materialized as a shadowy semblance, a product devoid of its original soul.
  • The Echoing Silence: The bustling optimism, the chirp of aspirations, now replaced by the somber quietude of dreams deferred.
  • Packing Dreams Away: The thought once unimaginable, now became a heart-wrenching consideration.
Was it time to fold up the map of his eco-quest?
When Paths Crossed
Our Meeting with Ismaeel
We delved into the heart of his eco-dream, unveiling a compelling vision for a sustainable future. In the process, we diligently assessed the brilliance that shone amid the potential barriers, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the promise and pitfalls of his noble quest.
Carte blanche’s mission

Revolutionise sustainable living by gamifying eco-conscious choices

  • Wireframes
  • UX/UI Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Testing

We achieved remarkable milestones throughout the development process, starting with the successful launch of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This accomplishment not only validated our concept but also fostered a unified team vision, promoting improved product alignment. With a clear roadmap in place, we diligently pursued our goals, checking off milestones one by one, and paving the way for continued success.

Melding Minds
The Bridge Building
  • Intimate Dialogues with Ismael: Delving deeper through comprehensive consultations.
  • Deciphering the Digital Dialect: Simplifying and demystifying the tech lingo.
  • Ensuring Ismael at the Helm: Prioritizing his voice, making it the guiding force at every juncture.
Nurturing Trust: Embarking on the MVP Voyage
Our team at work
Dev Team Rocks Ahead!
Months of delivery
The Tech Stack
Presenting Nowii
Whats next?
With the MVP firmly in place and his vision transformed into a living reality, Ismael now stands at the threshold of his next adventure.
The final step
The Quest for Seed Funding Begins
Armed with a compelling MVP and fortified by our partnership, Ismael is ready to embark on the path to secure seed funding. This marks a new chapter, where his vision will not only change the world but also attract the support and investment it truly deserves.

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